Junos OS Basics

Junos OS Basics


Based on FreeBSD Kernel


1. Control Plane
2. Forwarding OR Data plane
Control Plane – controls routing and switching, consists of the Routing Engine (RE)
Data Plane – forwards frames, packets etc, consists of the Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE)
These two planes combined give Junos:
1. Reliability
2. Performance

Routing Engine (RE)

1. Routing tables
2. Bridging tables
3. Primary forwarding table
RE connects to the PFE via internal link

Packet forwarding engine (PFE)

1. Rate limiting
2. CoS
3. Stateless filtering for firewalls

HA features

1. GRES – Graceful Routing Engine Switchover
2. NSR – Nonstop Active Routing
3. ISSU – In-Service Software Upgrades

Transit Traffic

ALL Traffic coming in to Ingress port


Ping, Telnet, Traceroute etc

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