Installing the Shodan CLI

I've released a python tool that downloads, installs and initiates Shodan CLI - you can get it on github. More details in this post:

Here's a step-by-step guide for installing the Shodan CLI - very useful if you want to download data using commands instead of the browser. I looked around the internet for something like this but couldn't find anything so thought I'd chuck this one on here.

You need Python installed to get started.
Once you have Python installed and ready to go, follow these steps. Depending on what you have and haven't got installed already, some steps might not be required.

First of all install the  PIP:

$ sudo apt install python-pip

Once PIP is installed, go for Shodan!

$ pip install shodan

Good to go:

Now its time to initialize your API Key - you can get that key from your account.
Use this command to initialize the key:

$ shodan init YOUR_API_KEY

You should be good to go from here on.
For more commands, have look here -


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