List of Packages you need to install for RHCSA or RHCE exam

This is list of packages that you might need to install for the RHCSA/RHCE exam. All of these may not be needed - you need to figure out the ones that will help you finish the exam faster.
Please feel free to add any that you think need to be on this list!

After checking that the repository is working fine:
#yum install ....

Filesystem related:

1. gnome-disk-utility
2. system-config-lvm

SELinux related:

1. policycoreutils
2. policycoreutils-gui
3. policycoreutils-python
4. setroubleshoot*
//this one give you:
5. yum install star
//although not related to selinux in a direct way, some may argue, this is a cmd that 
you could end up needing if the exam requires you to archive data using star
VNC related:

1. tigervnc
2. tigervnc-server
3. vinagre

Kickstart related:

1. system-config-kickstart

Virtualization/KVM related:

1. kvm
2. libvirtd
3. virt-manager

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